Marketing is an avenue that has always witnessed significant changes and is driven by a principle that never stands stagnant. It is important that students who land in this domain are all geared up to find something new in their course every time.


However,the fact is not applicable exclusively on the students. Even the business schools offering the different programs have startedto adapt with these changes gradually.The institutions and B-Schools are realizing that they are missing out on a great portion of real world marketing.

The world of ‘Digital Marketing’ remains unexplored in most of the marketing curriculums around the globe. The institutions that incorporate digital marketing, lack on the following aspects of digital marketing.

Analytics is an important aspect of Marketing

The sole concept behind Digital Marketing is that every decision is based upon the calculated data. This is because data is a persistent and identifiable identity throughout the journey of any customer. If students do not have proper knowledge about analytics in the real world marketing, businesses do not take long enough to replace any person who fails to be coherent. Analytics is that channel which is the driver of decisions; it drives and connects all the other channels like awareness, consideration, advocacy and conversion.

Marketing should include a course in Mobile Readiness

It is important for every student who pursues MBA with a specialization in marketing that they should not be oriented to a single dimension of every subject but they should also receive knowledge about every possibility in the practical world.

Today when almost every second person has a smartphone in his hand and when every person with a smartphone checks his phone in an average calculated time of 6.5 minutes, it is quite important that the field of marketing should incorporate this dimension of the real world technology within their programs.

Content Marketing and provisions for Optimizing your Website

As students of marketing, the main aspect lies behind the concept of being able to market your product based upon an attractive content which lacks in almost every course provided by the different business schools.

Content marketing is afield which is not provided in the real-world marketing programs and which is very essential when students are hired by companies. Moreover, it is very important that these business schools also teach courses on optimizing the websites specifically for search engines. Until and unless the content posted on your site is unique in terms of the keyword being used, search engines will fail to redirect to your site under normal circumstances, posing a loophole in the system.

Social Media Management

Lastly a more popular concept that must be taken up in the business schools is the concept pertaining to social management in order to compete with the field of marketing – Facebook, Twitter and many more. In today’s world, these business schools essentially teach only one dimension of the important subjects like ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ or ‘Web Development’ but what is missing actually is the practical application or the dimension that lies beyond these subjects.

These are the key digital marketing lessons which are not taken up in most of the MBA programs. The digital marketing programs help the professionals to achieve their marketing goals, without these tools and expertise a marketing professional is not working to their full potential. The experts at have helped marketing professionals transform their lives using digital marketing.