A HSC pass is expected to continue the studies and get more degrees before choosing a career. However, not every HSC, SSC, (10+2) pass out is lucky to have resources and time to continue education on the expenses of their parents. There are many who do not have resources and look for opportunities that can give them financial support to take care of their family and continue their education as well.

Here are a few courses that give these students and opportunity to earn without waiting for three years of graduation.

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing is a great career opportunity and needs no prior degree to take this course. The course is simple and one needs to take a few hours of course to learn the art of digital marketing. Once they acquire the talent, they can start their own venture, get a job or work as a freelancer.


It is undoubtedly the highest paid career choice for a high school or intermediate schools pass out student, the other career options are very demanding. Digital marketing is also a career choice where one can take further degrees and progress in their career.

Content Writing 

To become a content writer one needs to have a hold on language, there are many content writing portals, jobs, etc. which do not ask for a degree but they have their own parameters to judge the talent. If you can create quality content you will be hired without any troubles.

If one has a laptop or a PC with an internet connection, they can start freelancing from their home. A few hours of work will help them in fulfilling their financial needs.

Beauty and Wellness

Salons, beauty parlors and wellness centers look for young talent without the need of any degree. All you need to do is to take up a program that trains you in these skills. Salons and wellness centers needs a lot of attendants and experts to take care of their clients. It is an industry of opportunities. However, it is not as good as a career in digital marketing because it is considered as a blue collar job in most parts of the world.

Attendants and Flight Stewards

One can easily become an attendant in a hotel or restaurant without any degree. They will need to take up a small course that trains them in these skills and then they can look for opportunities in these sectors. A career in hospitality industry is very demanding and one might have to leave their education to give a great performance at their workplace.

Courier Delivery Boy

A career as a courier delivery boy has only one prerequisite, if you own a two wheeler using which you can deliver couriers, you are welcome. However, it is a very challenging job which will force you to stop your education.

These are the various career options that one has after completing their school education. If one has a zeal to continue their education and earn a good amount of money, digital marketing is a field which given them the maximum scope and potential.If you are looking for affordable and efficient digital marketing program in Surat, you can visit www.iidmm.com.