Today as everybody is moving towards opportunities provided by digital marketing, what people are forgetting that there are domains of novelty under this banner that they can try out with the degree of skills they possess.

Digital skills are highly valuable to land a great job that will offer you the best of provisions but you need to know the different areas of skills that are actually present under this large subject that will provide you with the necessary competence to get your crack into the world of Smart City.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This area includes a wider understanding of the subject than just what these three words convey. A person who finds his/her interest in this domain must not only have a quick grasp over keywords that will optimize their websites to a great extent but they must also have a great comprehension of the techniques that can be included in order to create traffic and redirection at the server level which will give them more views. The local SEO tools give huge opportunities to businesses to optimize results for Surat.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Also widely listed under Search Engine Marketing, this area is much important for a basic job description. The meaning of this term in simple words is to surge an enormous traffic on the client’s website by considerable redirection through advertisements provided on different pages. In today’s competitive world it is quite a difficult task to succeed in this domain, but it is the responsibility of the marketer to understand and optimize the rate of clicks on the advertisements through compelling ideas implemented.

Mobile Marketing

It is time that digital marketers understand the immense importance of smartphones. Smartphones are something which is present in every second person’s hand and that has been technically proved to be a man’s coveted possession. This is the area where you need to grab the concept behind a novel marketing strategy and how it differs from the usual tactics incorporated. Mobile marketing is a world of opportunities especially in a smart city like Surat.

Email Marketing

It is absolutely very important in the domain of digital marketing that you need to optimize any content through which you are going to implement your strategies. Email media is that one area which needs to be trusted generically for the track record it possesses. What possibly can be obtained through this source should be potentially recognized.

Social Media Marketing


Apart from optimizing search engine or finding strategies to seed advertisements of the firm, an important aspect of digital marketing is to create an online presence among masses. The fact cannot be denied that a suitable platform for this purpose is social media where you can extensively publicize your business and avail exclusive set of circumstances. When advertising opportunities in Surat, Social Media Marketing is the perfect tool.

Web Analysis

A digital marketer needs to understand that the content that they will be providing on their websites or any advertisement campaigns must be of high quality because that keeps your potential customers hooked to your venture. Every area mentioned above can be optimized only if the content marketer has acknowledgeable potentials to prove his/her excellence.

UX Designers/ Developers

It is not enough to possess only  technical skills, it is very important for any person to have the ability to create such interfaces for applications and websites that is not only demanded by the business but which also appeases the users. This is the reason that User Experience Designers/ Developers are highly in demand these days!


Since a big project is under development to transform Surat into a smart city, it becomes very evident through the above listings that these are the skills that are in demand (in the domain of digital marketing) to grab hold the exciting shot that awaits. For pursuing a program in digital marketing, one can visit