• Decide! What do I want to be?
  • Now is the time…. “Beat the rest, be the best..!”
  • “Think digital, Act visible…!!!”
  • Everyone works hard, now it’s time to work smart.
  • Change with the changing revolution, switch to digital evolution.
  • Uplift your digital presence, coin your dominance.
  • “Be the trend, uplift your brand!”
  • “Create opportunities!”
  • “Your businesses exist not because you have products; businesses exist because you have a consumer with a need that you are trying to fill.” – The Pitch
  • “Good advertising is what starts with the consumer.” – Mr. Piyush Pandey
  • Advertising is expressing beyond television. – The Pitch
  • “Context, not content; will the next king of digital marketing.” – Research
  • Technology is the same; it’s the thinking which is upgrading!
  • Steps to follow during planning an advertisement:
    1. Understand the consumer
    2. Understand the product
    3. Understand the buying pattern
  • Why should I watch you?
  • How to promote a product?
    1. Analyze the features of the product
    2. Idealise its working into real environment
    3. Build up story boards enhancing its feature
    4. Create story scenes with minimal seconds promoting the key points of the product
    5. Implement your advertise
  • Important things to note about a product:
    1. Construction
    2. Performance
    3. Unique features
  • How to market your product?
    1. Analyze
    2. Plan
    3. Create
    4. Implement
  • Stop leaning, Start learning!
  • Your culture is your brand. – Research
  • An expert in anything was once a beginner. – Research