Smart cities are not just mega cities with state of art infrastructure, sky scrapers and transportation. These cities are way beyond the general perception of the masses. People who live in these cities are different, the civic system is different, and the way the people shop is different. Looking at a larger picture, these smart cities are completely different from the traditional cities.


In conventional cities people travel in their private vehicles while in smart cities there is a state of art public transport system which promotes the use of energy efficient transportation. In a similar way the way people make their shopping decisions is also different.

Let us see how the smart cities will change the marketing tactics and buying pattern.

The Traditional Buyers Journey

In a traditional buyers journey most customers visit a retail shop which presents a limited number of options in front of them and they use their intuition and the perception made on trial or touch of the product. The customers might take help of the online reviews but they are forced to buy from the limited options available in the market.


The Smart City Buyers Journey

In a Smart City the buyer makes up his mind, checks the review of various products on online portals, selects a product and looks for the cheapest method to buy the product. It might be an electronic retailer, a mega store or an online portal, the customers takes the leverage of various information portals to compare the price before ordering a product or going to a shop to buy a product.

The Difference between Two Journeys

The buyer’s journeys look similar but they are completely different, in a smart city the buyer visits an e-commerce site or a retail outlet to purchase the product which he has already selected with the help of various product review and online channels.  So, in order to sell a product, the companies need to inform the customer instead of attracting them when they reach a retail outlet.

The role of digital marketing and online presence of the brand increases. Moreover, the brands will be forced to produce high quality products to earn great reviews from the customers. It takes a little time for every brand to realize that they need to work on their brand image and online presence in order to increase the sales in presence of informed customers.

How Digital Marketing Can Play a Role in Buyer’s Journey?

The first moment the customer makes up his mind to buy a product they do a search on their mobiles or over the internet. The buyer’s journey begins from this step, the brands need to make sure that their product is on top of the search results using organic SEO and paid adverts.

  • When the customers click on a product and select it, one needs to educate them about the benefits of the products.
  • When they finally decide to buy the product, the brands have to make sure that the product is strategically priced so that the customers do not even look at the alternates.

All these steps are essential for buyer’s journey.

These evolving smart cities and technologies have totally revolutionized the buyer’s journey. The marketing strategy of the brands needs to evolve with the changing times. If you want to promote your business through latest digital marketing tactics, try digital marketing classroom program provided by They have experts in this field to teach you every aspect of digital marketing to increase your sales and customers.