Digital marketing has changed the face of the retail industry in a period of less than ten years. The fear in the minds of individuals about online payments and e-commerce is fading away and customers are making purchases with confidence. The next big change that the market is expecting is the use of e-commerce and online sales channels for precious stones like Diamond and precious metals like Gold and Platinum.


Surat being at the epicenter of the Diamond trade in India is expecting to see a boom in the industry through e-commerce.

Here are a few benefits of Digital Marketing that the Diamond Industry in Surat is expecting in a few years.


Diamonds are costly and most people think they are unaffordable. However, there are variants of diamond with lower carats and varieties which are affordable and are highly appreciated by the customers. The diamond merchants are expecting a huge boost in the business when there is awareness among the customers about these low cost variants.

Price Cut

Today, Diamonds go through a series of whole sellers and retailers before reaching the actual customer. With each new layer, there is an additional cost added to the final price of the jewelry. The Diamond merchants are looking forward to the change in customer perception and to sell directly to the customers using Digital Marketing and online sales channels.

Sales Boost

With an established e-commerce channel and digital marketing channels, the merchants are looking forward to a huge boost in the sales. There are many varieties of diamonds which are affordable by the middle class society which has thousands of customers who wish to have Diamond jewelry but do not even bother to ask because of the perception.

The increase in awareness and a reliable sales channel will definitely increase the sales.

Peace of Mind

The customers will get a direct channel of one of the biggest diamond houses of the nation to buy with complete peace of mind. Precious stones are one of the most counterfeited items on the planet; this is a major challenge before the industry when they try to market their product to the customers. With direct sales channels the customers can buy with complete peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction

Jewelry business is run through retailers both small and big, there are a good number of frauds and counterfeit sellers in the market who dent the reputation of the Diamond merchants. Using the online sales channels the Diamond industry is looking to revive its reputation with complete customer satisfaction with no frauds and cases of poor quality products.

Global Outreach

The merchants based out of Surat can now sell their products to the whole World using the e-commerce platforms. These platforms are very reliable; businesses are looking forward to sell their products on a global platform.

These benefits of Digital Marketing and e-commerce present a very prosperous future of the Diamond Industry in Surat. The merchants are looking forward to join the band of other e-commerce retailers with high quality products. To learn more about digital marketing program in Surat, checkout the classroom program offered by