Indian Institute of Digital Marketing and Management is a premier education and research center in Surat, Gujarat, India providing an array of digital marketing courses and corporate services for the individuals looking for opportunities and having the passion to explore the digital world. With the changing trends, market values are intensifying as well, and every business is competing to be the leading entrepreneur. As India is transforming into digital age, we, here, serve as a stepping stone for those who want to pursue their future into digital marketing and management. IIDMM gives platform to those individuals who want to level up their marketing and management skills; and grow as a distinctive identity in the world of networks. Our list of course portfolio is designed to meet the needs of every marketer, where our teaching methodology will help the individuals to build superlative skills and implement those skills in today’s evolving digital marketing landscape.

“WHO IS IIDMM FOR” : OUR MISSION “Our mission is to impart digital marketing and management skills in a systematic, process based and practical approach with real life case studies, and step by step method where every learning is practiced, implemented and tested, to all who aspire to use this media, we want to make the difference between understood and implement and to bring our vision into reality.”
“WHERE DO YOU STAND IN THIS WORLD?” : OUR VISION “Our vision is a provide the right know how and skills to the individuals and business community by which they are able to transform the way they use the digital platform to save time , money and generate profits and contribute to the fulfillment of the dream of a DIGITAL INDIA.”
“WHAT DO WE STAND FOR?” : OUR VALUES Quality  – our focus is on the implementation of the learning’s by the participant and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement. Caring – we are committed to performing our work with sensitivity and kindness. Integrity – we are committed to act in an ethical, honest manner. Respect – we believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity. We cherish diversity. Responsiveness – we strive to be accessible, flexible, transparent, and to demonstrate a sense of urgency in our resolve and decision-making. Accountability – we are committed to measuring, achieving and reporting results. Teamwork – we are committed to effective partnerships between staff, participants and industry.
OUR GOALS & OBJECTIVES In order to achieve the vision, four key goals have been identified: 1. To provide quality skill based education with practical implementation. 2. To ensure IIDMM is a most desirable learning place to work. 3.  To ensure the long-term sustainability of IIDMM. 4. To ensure IIDMM is responsive to the changing needs of participants and industry.