Bachelor of Arts or BA in humanities or languages is one of the most popular courses taken up by graduates in India. However, there are no or very few career opportunities for these students. The limited career options force these BA…students to prepare for stressful competitive exams and spend a major portion of their lives in cracking these exams.


Digital marketing has changed the lives of thousands of such graduates. The aimless and confused graduates who find it very difficult to find a career option with a guaranteed success find digital marketing as a great career option.

Here are seven ways in which digital marketing can boost the career of a Bachelor of Arts or BA graduate.

Expert Content in Area of Interest


Digital marketing gives the individuals to share their unique knowledge and research with the world. If you know something valuable about history, geo politics or any other subject, you can create unique content for the users around the world looking for that information.

Language Proficiency

Digital marketing needs a lot of unique content to be created, arts graduates mastering in languages have a great career opportunity as proofreaders and content writers with their great understanding of the language.

Customer Outreach

There are many arts graduates who master arts in painting, music, etc. Thesegraduates need a platform to showcase their skills and to reach the consumers who are willing to pay for their work. Digital marketing acts as a bridge between the talent and the consumers.

Showcase your Art

There are many graduates who master an art while graduating. Such passions should not be hidden from the world. Using digital marketing, an artist can showcase their talent to the world. Hiding an art kills the artist inside you, it is a necessity for every artist to share their art with the world. They get feedback and motivation that polishes their skills.

Build a Community

Using digital marketing, especially social media marketing one can bring together a huge community of individuals who share a similar interest or knowledge to share resources and work together towards excellence. Digital marketing empowers the arts graduates to understand the right way to form a community and the right methods to spread it among a majority of similar graduates.

Freelancing Opportunities


Apart from the personal advantages of growth and knowledge, digital marketing provides a wide array of freelancing opportunities for the talented youth. All they need is a PC or laptop and they can start working from their homes.

Great Job Opportunities

If one is determined to take up a job after having an arts graduate they find it very difficult to get a job, however it is a completely different scenario if one has a digital marketingdegree. Digital marketing skilled people not only get huge job opportunities, they have a much better remuneration than the standard salary they get as an arts graduate.

These are the seven ways in which a Bachelor of Arts or BA can turn around their lives by acquiring digital skills through a digital marketing program. If you are looking for a digital marketing program in Surat, you can visit