Marketing is a field of study which is becoming an important domain post any degree a student acquires. For every business, be it on a large scale or small scale, the most crucial aspect is to have the potential to strategically market their product line. To have a degree in marketing after your engineering course is considered to be an icing on the cake because then you are considered to be capable to handle the different aspects of the market in addition to your engineering skills.


The propaganda for digital marketing cannot pass unnoticed because this field is offering great potentials of providing jobs as well as great opportunities for students who have certain knowledge in this domain. But why is it so important to learn digital marketing?

The Rising Executive

As is popularly known, the digital skills are considerably increasing. It has been predicted that nearly 1, 50,000 digital jobs will be available in the year 2020. If this is the rate at which the digital gap increases, undoubtedly you will be pursuing a course where demand is exceeding the supply and you will be the most wanted white-collar worker who shall be in great demand, just because you have pursued a course in digital marketing. This domain of study will necessarily provide you many benefits which include job security, elevation in career progression and will also future proof your career.

Wide array of choices lie ahead for you

Going by the present statistics, almost every multi-national company is set to increase the number of jobs they are providing for students having a degree in digital marketing. To be more precise companies like Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft have already announced the number of vacancies they have for the field of digital jobs. These are the companies where every student dreams of working and not only these companies but all the companies across the world are doing so. In such situations students who actually possess this degree can get picky to select the company they would like working for.

Receive high value for your set of skills

As is obvious in the field of industrial economics, with the ever-increasing demand and rivalry competition, the value of the product increases. For every professional in the domain of digital marketing, you have the complete authority to negotiate your salaries because every company is in need of you and is ready to pay as much as the profession demands. If you lives in Surat and want to learn digital marketing, then checkout the classroom program offered by They have experts to teach you both practical and theoretical aspect of digital marketing.

Possibility of starting your career

All the other fields would otherwise require the student to have a great internship under a big company or a graduate placement in order to create an exceptional portfolio to be able to start his own career. But for a student in the field of digital marketing, you are resourceful in your own nature and do not require any additional qualifications to give a beginning to a new career.

Make your ‘Digital Visibility’ using your personal or your company blog

Digital visibility is an important aspect for a student who lands in this field because they get to explore new possibilities which they might have never imagined before. They tend to get a break-through into the global villages where they can possibly apply all their marketing strategies simply with the help of personal and company’s blog.

Digital marketing is a boon for engineering professionals. With an additional degree, they can become one of the most wanted white collar professionals with thousands of opening around the world.